Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Fun

Today we had a hard day. The kids seemed to be a little whiny and didn't want to do anything. I tried to get some songs going, a little Freeze Dance, and water balloon enticement. Nothing worked... huh, not even water balloons?? Come on guys, what do you want??? Do I have to stand on my head?? I sat down and we started to brainstorm some ideas... we decided to cut up some old cardboard boxes, bring out the glue and glitter glue, and have a nature treasure hunt.
We found sand, pine cones, bark, leaves, flowers, and rocks. We were excited and had fun showing each other what we found.

Here A finds some sand, he could have found a lot in the sandbox, but he likes getting it up off the ground. To cute.

Getting ready to go... there goes those markers.... by the end of the day they were full of sand and grass. But that's ok, we've got more :)

Here is the beginning of a Masterpiece... I think she changed it, added sand, and made a great mess!! But I am glad I got it at this stage... it is very beautiful.

Here D loved the glue. He had fun finding the nature items, but putting them on with glue was the best... I wish you could see his face, but just imagine a huge smile. "I can do more, Shell??"
"Yes D... go ahead, we have more." "Really, as much as I want??" "Yes, go ahead" and then a Huge smile and more squeezing...

Yup, more squeezing, and looking at each other's Masterpiece's for ideas... I think we have some great pieces....

Even the big kids got into the action....

I am not sure if this was his first creation or second, but he loved having fun with it!!

Another Master Piece

We then moved inside to work on some music. L got his "electric keyboard" out for the little guys... they thought it was a lot of fun to hear all the different kinds of sounds you could set up with the piano music.

Here our littlest one is showing us how she uses the piano on her toy... the big kids loved it... She always has an audience.
All in all we had a good day, the whining stopped and we had fun creating some fun art work. Tomorrow we finish up some of our 4th of July project... I found the two we are going to use from Trish at Preschool Playbook...You can find it HERE. We will be doing the Glitter Fireworks, and the Exciting Streamers... may have time to do the Tissue Paper Fireworks, but I am not sure I have any tissue paper left... we have had a lot of birthday parties this past week. So, go on over to Trish's Preschool Playbook, she has some really great ideas and I absolutely will use many of them... Thanks Trish!!!!

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