Friday, June 1, 2012

Tie Dye Day

Tie Dying with the 3 and under set makes for an interesting morning!!!
We started off with the same kit as last year, I let the kids dunk their shirts in water and squeeze the water out, then they picked their design from a little colored pamphlet in the tie dye box.  I did the best I could to simulate the design like the photos and rubber banded them up.  

Off we go...

Last year we used the same kit and made 6 shirts and had lots of color dye left over... 
This year, we ran out a lot quicker.  I guess the little ones squeezed the bottles harder or something, because we were lucky to get enough color for the 5 shirts we did.

But the final products were great!!!

I found instructions on how to make the little heart...
I love how they came out!!!
Look how cute we look!!!



  1. They came out great!!! You could start a little business on the side (in all your spare time!) :) I bet they loved it when they saw the end result-especially since they "made" them. Such fun things get done there!!!
    Lil Bit's Grammy

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