Thursday, April 5, 2012

We've Been Busy!!!

When Lil Bit brought me the paint container I knew we had to have a little finger painting session!!
So Much Fun!!!

A trip to the library today was a lot of fun!!!

Lil Bit's Inner Bat Girl came out today!!!


and a

Were you wondering what was hiding in the grass???

Have a Blessed Easter!!!


  1. Same to you and your family! Bunny pic is so cute! Counting down the hours till Lil Bit & O (and of course their mommy)get to our house! :)
    Lil Bit's Grammy

  2. The kid in the bat man mask is so cute. Is that Mask self-made?

    And the kids seem like having lotsa fun too. Good thing

    1. Thank You!! We do have lots of fun!! No the mask is one of my children's from some Halloween past... but it sometimes seems like Halloween everyday here, as any occasion is cause for a trip to the dress up box!!

  3. The bunny picture is adorable. Very very cute idea! I hope you had a wonderful Easter.