Friday, April 20, 2012

Just A Few Things We Do...

I just had to add this one... Scamp actually put that crown on herself!!

We have been learning about flowers this week.  Stems, petals, roots... we have been digging and scooping, we even found a seed that was open and we got to look inside.  Unfortunately I didn't get to many photos of those things as my hands were a little busy.  

Today we got to get outside and do a little Spring Cleaning of our toys.  
What better way to clean than with bubbles and water!!

Roo realized that her container had a leak.


"That's ok Shell, I'll just hold it over the water"

I found Sprout investigating this paint container...

Trying to figure out why the water inside wasn't coming out...

"YELLOW, Shell!!"

"BLUE, Shell!!!"

"I wonder what will happen if I do this??"
Ok, I know she didn't actually say that, but I know that was what she was thinking ;)

She realized that it splashes down her book :)

Working those little fingers...
Getting strong so he can use them to write, draw, and hold the oh so coveted pencil, markers and crayons!!

Ok, so this is one of those moments that I just absolutely love!!
The Littles were off exploring the yard while the big girls were playing in the water table, I peeked around the corner when I began hearing giggling...

This Is What I Found...

A leak in the hose connection

"Can I stop it??"

"Can I drink it??"

"I think I can"

No Water...


"I Got It This Time!!"
Learning is an always evolving process for young children.  They see something to learn in everything they touch, look at, play with, or take apart.  I am just lucky that I get to go a long for the ride... it's not something I can always take credit for ;)


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