Thursday, December 2, 2010

Books, Crafts & Walks

We have been very busy learning about the letter Jj, Jolly 'Ol St. Nicholas, Christmas, and the birth of a very special Person, Jesus. Our favorite stories right now are, The Story of Christmas, by Patricia Pingry and Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear, by Don and Audrey Woods (2 of my most favorite authors!!).

Our crafts have been keeping us busy also. We have made some cute wreaths, hand print snowflakes, Christmas trees, and Starlet, the star from the board book The Tiny Star, by Arthur Ginolfi, who is so small no one can see her. She shines up in the sky for many years, with no one seeing her beauty, until the night Jesus is born. She then comes down to the stable, and seeing the newborn babe in the cold and dark stable, she begins to shine so warm and bright that she floats up in the sky to become the beacon for the Shepherds and Wise Men to find Baby Jesus. It was another favorite book of ours.

I wish I could show you some photos, but my camera cables are missing. I am the queen of clutter, so I am sure they will turn up soon and I will download them then.

We have had some rainy weather here, and my yard is sometimes very muddy, usually we don't mind, but it has also grown cold... and wet, muddy hands make for some unhappy children. We have also been taking some really wonderful neighborhood walks. Going to the park, our Rain Walk, Nature Hunt walk, and today we went to see how many Santa's we could find hanging out in our neighborhood (we found 6). The kids are getting some needed outdoor time, fresh air and having a lot of fun exploring their environment. (them getting tired and sleepy is just an added bonus :) )

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  1. My camera cables have been missing for about a year now. I've been pulling my memory card out and sticking it in the computer, which my photographer sister says gives you better quality anyways.

    I know all about that icky cold mud. Although right now we've got so snow and very cold, so outside time is very limited to. Windchills got above zero yesterday, so we went out but only lasted 20 minutes.