Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation, NAFCC & Lables

We have a 3 week break!! I will be going to the NAFCC conference (which I am soooo excited about~!!), then on to camp!! We are looking forward to the break and visiting with family. So, I may not be posting much for the next 3 weeks. But, I came across a post from Yo Yo Reggio! BabyFingernails, bullies and the image of the child. If you have a minute take a hop over there... it really brings me back to what it means to be a child and the need to explore, test, take risks, and grow.

I really try to allow the kids to explore their personalities and take risks without worry or fear of getting in trouble. Labeling toddlers and preschoolers is a common problem. I hear a lot of labels, I am guilty of it sometimes too. After reading Elise's post, I had to think of how I talk about my own children. Labels that they may just live up to, if I'm not careful.

Children need our understanding of their need to try things out. They need to know that testing the limits and boundaries will not lead to a place that they cannot get back from. That biting will not bring onto them a label that follows them. A child that needs extra guidance, should be given just that, not a roll of the eyes. I have seen it to many times. I just hope after reading the post by Elise... people will just take a second and remember that childhood is the time to figure things out and it is our job to guide, not assign labels.

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  1. Thank you Michelle! I'm glad to have found your blog now, and look forward to reading - it may be the kick I need to start my own family childcare down the road... Hope you enjoy the conference and camp!