Friday, July 16, 2010

NAFCC Conference

Well, I have been at the NAFCC conference for 3 days and I am meeting some wonderful people and learning some great things. It is great networking with some really great providers. I am in awe with the amount of Family Child Care Providers in one place. I love talking to people with the same issues and passion as my own.

I have gone to some great workshops and I can't wait to post about some of them, when I get some time :)

I am in Nashville, TN and believe it or not, but they are having the American Idol tryouts right around the corner!!! The amount of people here is amazing. Also, the FBLA is having a conference of some sort also and the amount of high school teenagers is out of control!!! They are every where!! In the halls, jumping in front of you to get on elevators, every where you look or walk, they are there. I guess they could say that about the people of the NAFCC conference... it does seem like there are a lot of us :)

Well, when I get home and can devote some time to processing everything, I will post about the highlights of my trip. Next years conference is in NV... I have started to plan already :) If you are a Family Child Care Provider you should look into it!!

Take Care!!!


  1. I was supposed to go but with all that has went on in my life - I backed out. Several of our executive board members from Arkansas are there though. I wish I would have met you @!

  2. Did you get to hear/meet Jeff Johnson? He is awesome!