Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Tree

Our Family Trees came out Great!! We had a great time tearing paper and gluing... lots of gluing!!! Using those glue sticks are really great, all the kids love them. I don't mind them using them as much as they want since I buy so many at Back to School time. I don't mind buying them for $.25 for 2... so I stock up and let them at it. Then I don't feel like we are wasting. Now, if I have to buy them now or later in the year for $1 for 2 or sometimes more... then I get obsessive about them. I know now to stock up at the beginning of the year, and we're all set!!

Working together is fun, socializing while working is a big part of the fun. They model for each other and you never know where the project will take you. They were able to talk to each other about what tree's look like, how to make them, and what parts they have. It was very child directed, towards each other. They helped each other without me having to intervene at all. I got to sit back and just watch them work. I loved it!!

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