Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Busy Week

A Busy Week we had... we did many different things. I am amazed at all we do. When I go through the photos for the week, I am amazed at the things we do and what I get on camera. I then have the fun of going through them and deciding what to put on my blog and which ones to send to each family in a Smilebox.

This week we finished up our Community Theme. We learned about Group Games with our After-School Helper, she taught the kids Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says, & Duck, Duck, Goose. They had such a fun time!! The laughing and giggling was so much fun to watch!!

We also did some Halloween crafts. We did some marble painting spider webs, paper plate pumpkin, and construction paper black cats. They were a combination of Teacher Directed and Child Centered activities. I decided that after they were done with the craft themselves then they could explore with the the mediums all they wanted.

Simon Says

A new toy from Discount School Supplies!! We loved this toy too!!

Our Halloween Sensory Table... I got the idea from Chasing Cheerios... who got it from No Time For Flashcards!! Well, I would like to give a Huge Thank You to both of them because the kids Love it!! They absolutely Love It!! Thanks!!!

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