Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Have We Been Up To??

Now that we are in summer mode it has been laid back and fun times around our house. I lose most of my kids for the summer, their parent(s) are teachers, and have D-Man only part-time. This means we can do a lot more, or nothing at all :)

We have had some fun Field Trip though.... The Children's Museum...

I took some of the boys on a road trip to see my sister and her family in Buffalo, NY. We got to swim in this awesome indoor-outdoor pool!!! Loads of fun!!!

We also have gone to an amusement park, movies, baseball game, and firework show!!! I am trying to keep my boys, as well as D-Man, busy this summer, but mini-camps, baseball and tutoring are making it hard to leave early in the morning, then we have to get back early for baseball practice, all this in the high 90 degree heat. So, we try to get some mini-outings in when we can.

I am also trying to organize our curriculum for next year, throwing out old, broken toys, fixing walls, replacing supplies, and just that all around clean up you need to do after a school year of putting things off. I will try to keep you updated on how things are going... maybe I'll change some things up and post a picture or two. Until then... Happy Summer to Everyone!!!

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