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Kozy Kids Family Childcare
"A Place To Grow"

Mission Statement:
Kozy Kids Family Childcare's mission is to provide a loving, safe, supportive, fun and educational environment for families who need affordable, quality childcare.

Philosophy of Childcare:

"If it hasn't been in the Hand... and in the Body... it can't be in the Brain"  -Bev Bos

Children learn by doing, with their whole bodies.  They learn by taking risks.  Learning through those risks that mistakes are only part of the learning process.  At Kozy Kids Family Childcare I strive to create an environment that your child can grow, explore and build his/her confidence in a safe, secure way. When a child is confident and secure in their surroundings and with the people who care for them, then all other learning can follow.  Having a hands-on, child-centered program, with a predictable rythme to our day, provides all the children in my care with the experiences they need to become confident, educated, secure, creative, happy, & brillant kindergarteners!!  I also know that all children are someone's "EVERYTHING" and I make it my job to make sure that they are treated in that way. 

Kozy Kids Family Childcare is a State of NC Licensed Family Childcare Home for children ages 6wks to 12 yrs.  Michelle Gorman is the Owner & Operator of Kozy Kids Family Childcare.  A former Elementary School Teacher, Preschool Teacher, Camp Counselor, Before School/After School Director and Mom, I decided to start my own home childcare business so I can be home with my children and provide quality care to others.  I graduated from The College of St. Rose, in Albany, NY in 1993, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  I continue my education by attending Childcare Conferences, Online Courses and courses offered by the Iredell County Partnership for Young Children.   I feel my learning is an ongoing process with the families and children I serve.  I know I can learn something new everyday, if I just keep my eyes open and am ready for it.

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Our Schedule:

7:30am – 8:30        Arrival & Free Play
8:30 – 9:00            Set Table, Wash Up, Breakfast

9:00 – 9:30            Clean Up, Potty, Free Play

9:30                       Circle Time, Introduction of Theme Related Activities

10:00                     Snack
10:15 - 11:15        *Quiet Work Time

11:15 – 12:15pm   Outdoor/Indoor Large Motor Activities

12:15                    Get Ready for Lunch… those who would like to help do so

12:15 – 1:00          Lunch, Potty, Wash Up

1:00 – 3:00           Nap/Rest Time

3:00 – 3:30           Wake Up, Snack, Potty, Quiet Play

3:30 –5:00            Indoor/Outdoor Free Play - - Pick Up Time

Kozy Kids provides a very flexible routine... sometimes we need to just let off steam and we will spend the whole morning at the park, with a picnic lunch.  Sometimes, we may need some extra time experimenting with the cornstarch and water, painting, gluing, or playing house... and since "play is the work of a child" I allow ample opportunities for those creative juices to flow. 

             *Quiet Work Time is anything but quiet... we just use this phrase so the kids know that it is time to concentrate on the work presented for the day.  Each child is allowed to flow between any center in the playroom for quiet work time.  Some choose to move between many different activities in one day, other stay in one area for the whole time.  Each child has the ability to make those choices and decisions, as their teacher I can only create an environment that lends itself to the teaching of the different concepts I would like for them to learn.  We do have an Alphabet Book, where pre-kinders practice writing and identifing their letters, but some children choose other appropriate ways to practice... such as Dry Erase, Sand Writing, Play Dough Letter Creating, or Sand Paper Letters.  I provide many different modes of learning as each child is different and may require a more hands on approach to learning.  Having such a small group I can recognize each child's strengths and weaknesses and plan appropriate activities.