Friday, March 30, 2012

Face Painting, Egg Hunt, and Water Play

We started our day off with some face painting and then outside we went!! 
It was another beautiful day and I wasn't going to miss giving my friends the chance to play, play, and play some more.  

Once outside the paint came out for some more splat painting, water toys went into the water table, and the plastic Easter Eggs came out for some more hide and seek fun!!!

Spring Breaks start for the school districts in our area... of course I have children whose parents work in 2 separate districts so they have different vacations.  The next 2 weeks will be light loads thankfully, but I think next year I'll have to take off when my kids have Spring Break.  Working from Christmas to June without a break with this age group, I don't know how some providers do it :)  I think everyone needs time to recharge, especially when you work with children 5 and under.  Well, have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday and Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

I want to first start off by saying Happy 7th Birthday to my baby boy!! 
He came into this world as a wonderful surprise and I am so happy God choose me to be his Mommy!!  
He is growing into such big boy now and I cannot believe how fast the time flies and that it wasn't just yesterday I was carrying him around in my arms.  

Happy Birthday Ry!!
I Love You!!!

At Childcare we got right down to business this morning.   Dyeing our eggs was interesting work.  Some of the kids were tentative with the dye and it took a little while before they understood how it all worked.  I think we should use a lot more next year, and just make lots of egg salad, because once they got the hang of the dyeing process they didn't want to stop.

Being silly is always fun!!!
 Once we got outside we got to have an Egg Hunt.  The big girls spread out the eggs and everyone got to go looking for them and put them in their little baskets.  Everyone loves hide and seek... especially with eggs :)

Taking a break...
the swing was to tempting to pass without a little swing ;)

So much fun!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Bit of This, A Bit of That...

We had a busy morning today.  Free Play, Sensory Table, Bunny Ear's Craft and that was all before we went outside for more fun.  The kids enjoyed the different activities going on and spent a lot of time going between each one.   

Yes, 'Lil Bit did get the bowl from Scamp...
but Scamp didn't care, she just went on playing with what was in front of her.
You have to know when to intervene and when to let nature take it's own course,
this was one of those times to let well enough alone ;)
Don't you just love it when they have to move their heads right down close to what they are working on...

Cotton Balls really get sticky when you apply glue ;)

Tomorrow we will be pretending to be Easter Bunnies hiding eggs in the yard...
We Can't Wait!!!

When we moved outside there was a lot of free play going on, but I try to have some kind of "messy" project going on.  Being outside gives the kids more free range on what they play with and they are able to get their whole bodies into it.  The littlest ones seem to really enjoy getting messy and slimy on a more regular basis (sorry about the clothing Mom and Dad), while the big kids will not get so messy so often.  I can't figure out if their is a reason or it is just mood.

You can see that Roo has taken to just using the cookie cutters for the prints.
She will usually begin to finger paint or paint her hands, but I think that there was
more fun to be had playing "house" and she had to be clean for that :

Cleaning Up... well, can playing be counted as cleaning up??
'Lil Bit started out like this...
Look at that extension!!
She always has to rub those hands like the paint is soap.
She must love the feel of it!!
Talking to herself and cleaning those hands!!!
 Another wonderfully, busy morning!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Egg-cellent Craft

We have begun thinking about Easter and of course when you think about Easter you can't not think about the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs!!!  I found this cute craft at Blissfully Domestic.  I liked it because it appealed to all my ages, the kids could complete it at varying abilities, and it was pretty open ended.  There was no right way to complete it.  They enjoyed using the glue stick, it is especially fun to squish between little fingers after you slide it around the paper ;)

My boys were at the nearby creek this weekend and came home with a mass of frog eggs (at least that is what we are hoping they are) for us to observe.  I wasn't sure if they would continue to grow or hatch for that matter, but it seems like there may be some activity going on.  We were excited to take a look!!