Saturday, March 23, 2013


Well I did it... I started another blog that will chronicle my Journey into TK.  See, that is the name of the new blog :) I am just starting, and I know I wasted almost all year of sharing all that I have been doing, but I have to say learning to work outside the home, getting my 4 boys up, showered, to school and sports, being a wife, housekeeper, cook, etc... has really taken a lot of getting used to!!  I can't believe how tired I am after doing all of the above, then spending time on lesson plans and getting ready for a new theme or unit for school.  It is crazy.  But, I have lots of great things I did this year and I will start blogging about it now.  I have to go through my thousands of photos to find ones without the kids faces on it, but I am sure I have a few things I can share :)

So, if you'd like to stop over and visit my new blog that would be great!! 

It is called Journey into TK, which you can link to by clicking on the title or go to