Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday and the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy... for preschoolers it is a legend only second to Santa Claus. I mean you lose a tooth and you get money under your pillow. Even though they have no real concept of money and it's monetary value, it doesn't matter, they know money is IMPORTANT. It seems so unbelievable to a preschooler. Especially one that doesn't have an older sibling who has already encounter this amazing turn of events. For those who have older siblings, the wait can almost be to much to bear. My own preschooler asks many times a month, "Will MY teeth ever fall out??!!" in that famous whine only a preschooler can do. So, I thought a great way to end our Dental Health week was with a book about Tooth Fairy's.

We read the story "Twas the Night Before the Tooth Fairy" by Natasha Wing. It was a cute book about a boy who has a loose tooth and can't wait for it to come out. His Parent's come up with some idea's on how to get it out, but it finally comes out when his dog knocks him over. He then puts in under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy, who comes in the night. He happens to be awake :) and peeks out of one eye at the Tooth Fairy, who flutters around the room. When she leaves he peeks under his pillow... and there, to his surprise and delight is a Spanking New Dollar!! It is a very cute book, with the cadence of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to it.

When we were through reading the book, twice, we went off to Quiet Work. In the Centers were... Sand Studio, Rice Table, I put out a peg/number work, blocks, and some emergent reader work (which is a one on one time with me). At the Art Center the kids got to make Tooth Fairy Boxes. We talked about all the different ways that people hide their teeth for the Tooth Fairy. On Monday we will add special jewels, since the paint didn't dry quick enough today.

Thinking about how short this month is and all we were worried about fitting in, I can't believe I got most of it in. Plus some :) The visit to the elementary school was great and not really planned at the beginning of the month. Now, on to March... Dr. Seuss's Birthday, 2 Preschoolers turn 5, St. Patricks Day, and the lead up to Easter. Another busy month a head. I better get planning.

For lunch today we had pretzels, PB&J, Fresh Strawberries, and Milk. Yum!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Field Trip and Kindergarten

Field Trip Today!!

This morning we took a mini field trip to my Sons Elementary School. He participated in a Living Museum project that the whole 3rd grade performed. Basically it entails each 3rd grader picking a famous person, such as Neil Armstrong, Babe Ruth (My Son), Dale Earnhardt Jr and Sr, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc... and writing a mini report about them. They then get some props, dress like that person and when you walk up to their exhibit there is a little button to push and the child tells you all about "Themselves." It was very cute and came together perfectly!! As a Mom, I am soooo glad it is over. It has been a very long process of research, typing, and memorization. The memorization process being the hardest for my 3rd grader.

The Daycare kids loved it though. We don't get to go on to many field trips, so when we do it is a lot of fun. They enjoyed pressing all the kids buttons and listening to them speak. I think they really liked seeing siblings and older kids from the daycare. But the props kept them interested too, especially the chocolate candy "Bill Gates" gave out to anyone who pushed his button... "Thanks Bill!!" The many "Sacajaweas' " had such beautiful costumes and some had little diorama's that the kids really enjoyed looking at. I think their best part was making my son do his exhibit of Babe Ruth and then touching all the baseball memorabilia. It was a fun time.

My Son's school also happens to be the elementary school that 2 of the daycare students will be going to next year for Kindergarten. Plus, one of our Mom's work there as a Kindergarten teacher!!! I mean sometimes you can't plan something this great!!! So, we combined the trip with a little visit to the Kindergarten Hall and Mrs. R's room!!! My very rambunctious 4 yr olds became little tiny guys in that room.

When we arrived Mrs. R was having Circle Time on the rug. We tiptoed in and found seats in little Kindergarten chairs in the back of the pack (they were too nervous to sit with the big kids on the rug). Except, of course, Mrs. R's son... he sat right with Mom, but was soooo well behaved. I was so proud of him!!! We followed their Smart Board exercises, in learning a word (for), writing a sentence (I bring flowers for my teacher), learning about maps (they put Micky Mouse Ears in Florida and California), and putting money (pennies) into a piggy bank. All on the interactive Smart Board, too cool!!! We stayed for a story, Who Is The Beast? by Keith Baker. My kids stayed right with the story and even shouted out some answers when Mrs. R asked them. Again, I was very proud (except the shouting out part, but hey they are preschoolers after all, they need to learn Something in Kindergarten!!). After that we said our Thank You's and Goodbye's. I wish I could take them there every week :). They enjoyed it very much.

When asked what their favorite part of the morning was, this is what I heard...

B: "Seeing my Mom!!"
R: "Seeing my Brother!!"
L: "Yeah, seeing your Brother"
S: "I liked the Tiger" (from the story)
B: "Yeah, my Mom read that."
R: "Well, I liked my Brother and the bathroom. It had a neat sink"

Why, with little boys does everything come back to the bathroom??!! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funny Mouth Wednesday

We finished our Mouth/Teeth project today. We are still waiting for it to dry, but it was a fun craft. We took the play dough we made yesterday and rolled out 2 snakes. It was interesting to see some of the kids have difficulty with this task. But, by the end of the morning we were all rolling out some splendid snakes. We then glued them onto the mini paper plate we painted yesterday, for the gums of our mouth. We then talked about what we read at Circle Time, about how many teeth a child has (10 on top, 10 on bottom). We picked out 10 navy beans and put them into the top "gum," then picked out 10 more and put them into the bottom "gum."
The craft had a lot of playful, fun learning going on. We counted, used our pincher grasp getting those beans into the play dough, used our fine motor skills rolling out the play dough, and problem solved when our play dough moved on the plate (if we put to much glue on).

We now just have to wait for the glue to dry and fold them over, and there you have it... a mouth, a funny mouth :) (I don't know about you, but I kinda thought they looked a little creepy wide open like that. I am hoping when they fold over it won't look so weird :) )

Here we have little hands playing with the beans and play dough. The Toddlers LOVED sticking the beans in the play dough (with supervision of course). They played with this for at least 10 minutes, an eternity to a Toddler.

Little Miss M hard at work on her teeth.

We also took out the trains today. I have had them put up for a while now, so we decided as a group that they should come out of hibernation a little early. This brought All New Life to the Block Area.

The girls couldn't wait to get their hands on the extra play dough. The play dough I used was a Cornstarch one. I liked the rubbery feel to it and thought it would be better for the pretend gums.

It was: 2 cups baking soda

1 1/2 cups water (which I tinted pink for the gums)

1 cup cornstarch

I mixed the 2 dry ingredients together first in a bowl, then I added the dry ingredients to the water a little at a time so it wasn't to lumpy. When all the dry ingredients were in, I mixed CONSTANTLY so it wouldn't stick to the bottom. You continue to mix until it boils and then all of a sudden it gets real thick. I continue mixing on low heat until it doesn't seem wet anymore. Then I put it on a plate (not wax paper, it melts) and wait for it to cool a little. Then the kids and I knead it until it is perfect. You can add some cornstarch/baking soda mix while your kneading it, if it is to sticky. I found the recipe here.
For Lunch today we had homemade Meatloaf (with a little added grated veggies) Oranges, Apples, Crackers and Milk or Water. They didn't even know there was the grated veggies in there. I put tomato sauce on my Meatloaf and it kinda masks the meatloaf itself when it is served. So, they didn't suspect there could be the dreaded vegetable in there :) Everyone ate it and asked for seconds. Though the apples and oranges where the star of the show, as always.

Here is a cute photo for today... Little Miss M took her booster off her chair and kept belting herself in. She would then yell for me, "Shelw, wook" When I would peek around the island to see her, she would smile or giggle in all her glory. To be young and entertained by such simple things. You wonder when life got so difficult :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow, We Did All That??

We are continuing with our Dental Health theme this whole week. We reread The ABC Dentist... Healthy Teeth from A to Z, by Harriet Ziefert, you can go to the Dental Health Week post to read more about it. Then we introduced Doctor De Soto, by William Steig. It was a funny book about a Mouse Dentist and his Assistant (his wife) who have decided to accept a Fox as a patient, against their better judgement. Well, they work on his sore tooth, which they had to pull out. They tell him to come back for a new tooth the next day, but they can't seem to get to sleep worrying about that Fox, who intends to eat them up after he gets his new tooth. Well, they are two very smart mice and they devise a plan to keep that Fox from eating them. I won't give the ending away... those of you who haven't read it, go get it from the library, it is very cute and funny. The kids loved the ending :)

After doing our calendar and reading our books, we broke off for Quiet Work. During that time I set out the red paint on the art table. We started a 2 day project. We are making a mouth, I got the idea here. You take a paper plate and fold it in half. You paint the inside red or pink and then glue packing peanutsor mini marshmallows on for the teeth. I loved the idea. We learned from the ABC Dentist book that little kids had 20 teeth, 10 up and 10 down. I thought it would be a great way to incorporate math with crafts!!! Then while I was popping around different blogs this weekend I found someone who took pink play dough, rolled it in a snake and glued it to the mouth. Then they stuck white navy beans in the play dough for teeth. So.... I decided to kind of mix the two. Today we started with a mini paper plate and painted it red. Tomorrow we will get the pink play dough out (we made that today also... photos to come tomorrow) and glue it on the the paper plate and push the 20 little "teeth" in to the dough. When it is all dry, we will fold it in half. I let you know how it goes.

We also changed the Oats out of the Sensory Table. I put in red rice, cups, sivs, and some sand toys... but the kids took it all out and played with their cars, monster trucks and just moved it around with their hands. HUH??

I also put out this Melissa & Doug shape pattern set. It is always a hit.

Some of our friends came to play and here is Nick playing in the sand table. I always try to have sand available to the kids. I think it can be a soothing kind of play. I can always find a child there throughout the day.

The Easel has been a huge hit and I have so many beautiful creations hanging on the dryer. We haven't gotten to the stage of actually painting pictures though, just a lot of combining of colors. It will come I'm sure. When they're ready :) For now I will just have lots of paper and a never ending supply of paint.

The girls had fun in the block corner today. They were able to build by themselves for quite awhile before the boys came and retook it over. Sorry girls. The boys get very loud in the block corner and the girls will gradually move away to another area where they can play house or kitty's in peace. I have tried to make the block area more appealing to the girls by placing some dolls from the doll house, My Pretty Pony's, and small Kitty's. It seems to have worked, they are gravitating to that area more often.

This is just a glimpse of our morning... we also danced to a song I found by accident on one of my CD's. It was all about brushing your teeth... it was in both English and Spanish!!! Loved it!! We danced around pretending to brush our teeth for, what seemed like to me, a VERY long time :) I will find out the name and post it, the CD is blank on the front, so I will have to look in the storage for a case.
Lunch today was Pizza (not homemade yet, but next week we plan on making the dough ourselves and creating an original Kozy Kids Pizza!! Can't wait.) We also had raw carrots with dip, bananas and grapes. Yum!!

Here is a little clip of Syd, who just turned 3, singing The Days of the Week Song... She was belting the song out but when she say me with the camera she got a little shy. So turn up your speakers if you want to hear her :) She has taken to spending a lot of time at the Circle Time Area pretending to be me, it is very cute and I am very honored :)
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Dental Health Week

Monday's can be hard enough just by being a Monday, but after the weekend we had, it was especially hard. After 2 full days of 60 degree weather, we woke to a dark, rainy sky. How hard it was to pull myself out of bed. Then I remembered that this is the week we will be exploring Dental Health. It is always a fun theme to explore with the kids. There is so much mystery about going to the Dentist. Some may never have been there and others may have been, but just once or twice. Those Brave Kids are the experts and have much to say on the subject. Whether it is about the "Sunglasses" they got to wear, the yummy paste they got to use, and for the boys, the spitting into the "whirly" drain (as someone aptly named it).

So, today we began with the book ABC Dentist...Healthy Teeth from A to Z, by Harriet Ziefert. A book that was graciously given to us to borrow from Ms Tracy!! Thank You Ms Tracy!!! (She got this book from the Scholastic Book Club in paperback, the hardcover is much more expensive, so look for it in Scholastic!!) It is an ABC book that does a great job taking the children from A... Appointment to Z... Having teeth that are a Zillion times cleaner then when they began. It isn't a story book, but it gives facts that the kids can understand, for instance, it talks about P... Plaque "is an almost invisible white, sticky coating on teeth that is caused by eating sugar and sticky foods." This led into a discussion on why we have to brush, floss AND see a Dentist to make sure no "invisible white, sticky" stuff is on our teeth. It is a great book and we will go over it each day at Circle Time this week, but not so in depth as today. We will accompany it with more Story Book about going to the Dentist.

We then went off into Quiet Work time. At the Art Center I had a craft set up where they had to cut out a Yellow "tooth." Then we painted it with white paint mixed with corn syrup to make it shiny (like a healthy tooth). We have done this craft before, but I have always used white paper, but I found this idea on the Internet, and thought it would be interesting to talk about the "dirty" tooth getting clean by the Dentist (the kids). We had some great conversation and the stickiness of the paint caught some of the kids by surprise. (Only a few choose to help make it, so some didn't realize that it had corn syrup in it.) I found it kind of ironic that I was using the Corn Syrup to make the tooth "healthy" again... haha, oh well, that won't be a fact I point out :)

Working on our Healthy Teeth

Ms Syd spent a lot of time on her tooth. She was captivated by the paint and just kept putting more and more on. Her tooth will definitely have a nice enamel on it when it dries :)

Friends painting together... the conversation between these two was quite interesting. Syd would tell Little Miss M "You brush your teeth" and Little Miss M would try to brush her teeth with the paint brush. Then Syd would laugh and say, "No M!!" and Little Miss M would laugh a big belly laugh. It was very cute to see these two little talkers holding a conversation.

Opps... out of order, but this is Our Princess cutting her tooth out.

Little Miss M in one of her favorite activities... helping Shell clean the table. Any table, window, or bookshelf is not safe from Little Miss M when she has a cleaning rag in her hand. This is the age where Toddlers really want to help out around the house. That is where I love Montessori, I set her up with a work and teach her how to do it and she can do the work pretty independently after that. I have to supervise (usually by working along side her) but if I need to help another child, she is able to continue without making to huge of a mess. The Toddler Stage is so exciting, so much happens in such a short amount of time.

We have had the Easel out as a Center last week and again this week. Little Miss M loves it!!! If she walks by and sees a blank paper, she HAS got to put a mark on it. Sometimes it is just a quick stroke of red, other times it is full on painting. It is a "Free" center, where I leave the paints out all day for who ever would like to use it, so I have to always be alert to when Little Miss M has a full on painting urge so I can get her smock on. She still likes to paint herself :)

We had homemade Veggie Noodle Soup today, with Cucumber Salad, and Strawberries. It was hit or miss. Some loved the soup, others the cucumber salad. I loved that almost everything they ate was homemade and/or fresh. Those that choose to help me cook seemed to like certain things more. We will be trying some new recipes this week and if the kids really seem to like something I will post the recipe and hopefully some pictures. But I don't always get to click them when I am in the kitchen. Someone always needs help or my hands are dirty and then before I realize it we are done and no photos have been taken, but I will try!! Have a Great Monday!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Aunt Jackie and Maia left today. We will miss them a lot. They taught us so much about Chinese New Year, and they were fun to have around. I just wish they didn't live so far away.

Today was a beautiful day. The weather seems like it may get warmer for a short time. We are expecting it to get cold again next week, but in the upper 50's this weekend, maybe even in the 60's!!! I am excited about that!! I love going outside and having the kids play for long stretches of time. It makes all the inside time worth it.

At Circle Time we went over what we learned this week about Chinese New Year, read some books, and did our Calendar. We then promptly went outside. It was great to swing, run and play in the mud!! There was so much of it!!! Having 4 young children when we moved into our home 3 yrs ago, we couldn't and haven't been able to get grass to take. It starts to grow, but the kids kill it very quickly by running on it, and don't get me started on the dogs. They tear it up!!! Needless to say, the kids get muddy each Spring. Then the dry spell hits and the dirt turns to rock (it seems) and dust. I can't win :)

I am starting to get bored with our lunch options... Today was noodles, sauce, crackers, fruit, and meatballs with Milk. Little Miss M brings her lunch everyday and today she brought an egg fritata, cucumber salad, and strawberries... YUM!! I think I need to get more creative with lunch, and healthier. So, I am going to come up with some yummy options for next week. If anyone knows of some good links or recipes, please let me know!! Thanks!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

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What a wonderful week we have been having!!! We have been enjoying our visiting friends and Chinese New Year... but we can never forget BIRTHDAYS!!! We have had another Birthday today... well, actually it was yesterday, but Miss Michelle got a little confused yesterday. So, we celebrated today!!! I think it was a great day to be the Birthday Helper, let me tell you!!!

I posted today and yesterdays post today, and they all have kinda gotten out of order... so if you want to see what else we did today, you need to page down past the Waking the Dragon post and go to the Dancing Lion post.

Today we celebrated Ms Princess' Birthday. I am so Blessed to have this little one in my life. This little girl, with so much spunk, lights up my days!! She makes my day, everyday, telling me everyday "Miss Michelle, I love You!!" and the hugs I get. I don't think she has ever forgotten to hug me goodbye, in all the time she has been here. I am so lucky!!

Ms Princess... You are a special little girl, that has touched my life with joy and happiness!! I am so happy to share this precious time with you!! Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!!

Waking the Dragon

I didn't get to post yesterday... we have been busy and visiting with my sister has been a treat!! She really has been a lot of fun and has brought in such a wonderful Chinese New Year's experience!!
We Woke the Dragon yesterday... we read Dragon Dance again and made some comparisons about the dragons that were in the book and the ones we made. We talked about how the Dragon brings the Spring Rains to all the Farm Fields. We then had to Wake Up that Dragon (even though we really didn't want anymore rain here in NC :) ) We got out all our Musical Instruments and started making lots of noise!!!

Then while we all made some noise... a Dragon Magically appeared near Aunt Jackie!!

He shimmied and danced around the room

My Niece was used to the Dragon, so he didn't scare her at all... but some of our friends were a little apprehensive

After the Dragon went back to his resting spot, we made Chinese Lanterns from Red and Yellow Paper

Aunt Jackie even helped us make a Banner or Spring Couplet stating... Good Luck and Good Fortune... The kids were interested in the writing and traced it when Aunt Jackie was done. We then used Gold Glitter Glue to highlight the characters.
My Niece helping Little Miss M with her Chinese Lantern

Yes, Little Miss M needs to be right in the middle... I know she thinks she can do ANYTHING those big kids can do!!!

Our drying Banners. After they dried I punched holes at the top and tied on gold yarn to make a hanger for the kids to hang in their room, from a door knob, or on their doors.

We were going to send home our Chinese Lanterns right away, but they came out so beautiful we decided to hang them here in the playroom so we can see them all week!!!
We had a really great day... and I loved having my Sister and Niece here to help us. They really brought a beautiful and accurate account of the Chinese New Year that I have never been able to pull off before :)

Dancing Lion

Today we continued our celebration of Chinese New Year!!

We read The Dancing Dragon, by Marcia Vaughan and Red is Dragon, by Roseanne Thong today. My Niece brought out a Dancing Lion marionette that she introduced to the children when we got to the Dancing Lion part in the Dancing Dragon book. She made the Lion swing and sway, which the children loved. We talked about how this Lion doesn't look like an actual Lion we made think of, but made observations about way that the Lions were similar.

After we finished our reading, we decided that it was time for our Chinese New Year Parade. Aunt Jackie taught us a special New Year song in English and Chinese to the tune of O My Darling Clementine. Then the Sleeping Dragon, who had awakened to dance with the children, led the parade around the house. The children got out their instruments again, and off we went singing Happy New Year in Chinese and English. Our Parade was led not only by the very special dragon, but our own very special Birthday Girl, the Little Princess.

On Parade!!!

After our Parade we gave those kids who were apprehensive yesterday a chance to look at and touch the Dragon. The kids really enjoyed touching and getting hugs from him.

Syd getting her hug!!!

Aunt Jackie has a Very Special book about her trip to China, to bring her daughter home. She shared some special photos of Chinese New Year that she had taken herself while in China. We got to see photos of Real Chinese Banners and Lanterns hanging in the homes in China.
She talked about how special the color Red is in China, especially at the New Year.

After seeing Aunt Jackie's special photos we read Red is Dragon, by Roseanne Thong. It talked about all sorts of colors and had some beautiful pictures. For 2 of our centers we set out colored paper for a color collage and set up the easel with Red, Blue & Yellow so the kids could combine the colors to make anything they wanted. Both centers were very popular.

Our time with Aunt Jackie and my Niece is coming to an end. They leave on Friday and we will miss them. It is so nice to have someone new at Childcare who shares the same love of children. We were able to come up with some great activities, learn about new things and have a lot of fun doing it!!! I will miss them a lot!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year

Today we welcomed Aunt Jackie and Maia to Daycare for a little visit. My sister Jackie and her daughter came all the way from NY to visit with us and teach us a little about Chinese New Year. Maia was born in China and they were a wealth of information for us. They had songs to sing and an array of such wonderful books to look through!!

We started our day by getting to know Maia during some free play time!! Always fun! Circle Time came next where we did our usual morning activities and then read Dragon Dance By Joan Holub. It was a great introductory book on Chinese New Year geared toward the preschool age. It was fun reading, and learning Gung Hay Fat Choy... which means "Wishing You Good Fortune and a Prosperous New Year" The kids had fun pronouncing the words.

Then we decided it would be a great idea to sweep, dust and mop away the old year and start fresh. So we got out our Cleaning Up supplies and dusted shelves, toys, swept the floors, and fixed the pictures on the wall. We then finished up our morning with the making of a dragon puppet that we will use in a parade later in the week.

I think the kids got an idea of Chinese New Year and they loved playing with Maia!! She is 7 after all and was a lot of fun to play with. She was able to add an element to the play that isn't always there... novelty, different ideas, momentum, conversation, and modeling. They had a wonderful time getting to know one another.

We went to Monster Jam on Saturday, and my camera has been missing since. I know it came home, so it is only a matter of time before it shows up. Hopefully I will get some photos of our day tomorrow and can add some of the special shots we got at Monster Jam... which is not only loud, but a lot of fun as well!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Time

Today we had a party, playing, and fun filled morning!!! Believe it or not we did not fill up on to many sweets. Oh, they wanted to eat all their special chocolates, lollipops, & sugar filled treats, but when actually given the chance they each picked one and went on their way. I couldn't believe that no one made a fuss to have more candy. We did have special Krispy Kreme Valentine doughnuts (Thanks Kathy!!) but again, they were happy with one doughnut.

We had a grand time Freeze Dancing!!

What Valentines Day is all about... Friendship!!!

Handing out all our Valentines... we set up their bags/mailboxes around the playroom on chairs and they delivered their mail to each person. We practiced name recognition and problem solved on how to get SO MANY Valentines to the bags without dropping them. (We decided we weren't in a rush so we could just take 1 or 2 at a time)

We played "Pass the Heart." Our variation was we passed a chocolate filled candy box heart, and when the music stopped, the one holding the heart got to open it and take out a candy. Well, the heart box kept opening as they passed it, so we decided that whoever was holding the heart when the music stopped got to get up a pick a lollipop or chocolate out of a special bowl (Thanks Julie!!)

Here Little Miss M!!!

We then moved on to our Tossing Game... we play this game a lot when it rains or for party's, but today we decided to add another element to the game. I was reading a post from Ms Debbie, over at Once Upon a Time in Preschool, and when she played a tossing game like this she had the kids make Tally Marks for the amount of bean bags they got in. I thought what a great way to introduce Tally Marks. So, we did just that today. The kids loved making their own marks, and counting them all at the end.

Ry decided that he liked the Tally Marks so much he continued to play the toss game and make his marks at Free Play time. Very Cute!!

I can do this!!!

Yeah!!! I did it!!!
As hard as it is to sometimes include a Toddler into the play, Little Miss M loves it and wants to try everything the big kids do. She waits her turn, claps for the other kids, and even helped make her Tally Mark!! The Big Kids are so cute too, they were so excited for Little Miss M to get a bean bag in the basket, they were the ones to suggest that she stand closer to the basket, instead of standing off the carpet like they had to do :) They make me proud!!!

We also continued to trace and cut today!! I think I will make sure I have other shapes out next week for them. Maybe a tooth or something to do with Chinese New Year.

Little Miss M practicing her fine motor and problem solving skills. She teases me when I sit with her by putting yellow ring on the blue peg, then laughs and says... Nooooooo, and moves it to another peg. When she gets it on the right one she laughs and claps.... Cuteness!!

We had nice yummy Florida strawberries today. The kids helps wash and cut them up for lunch. It was a great quieting down activity before lunch.

Syd turned 3 just a short time ago and is doing such a great job!!! I am so proud of her and how she is growing so big!!!
We have had a wonderful day. I look forward to the weekend and the time to sort through our plans for next week. I wish all a Happy Valentines Day and a wonderful weekend!!!