Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, our week is coming to an end. We have had a lot of fun getting wet, playing with our friends and hanging around these hot, humid days.

We got to use a friends water slide this week. I took photos, but I can't find the camera to download/upload them. HUH?? Where did I put it down?? Anyway... it was a lot of fun, lots of giggling, taking risks, and of course, getting muddy!! My yard is the best for mud... the bigger boys experimented with their weights to see who could go fastest, and keep going off the end, into the mud. Gotta love it!! The little ones loved watching and trying their hardest to keep up. A huge shout out to Ms Lisa & Adam for the use of the slide!!!

Yesterday, we had a more quiet day. I got out our tent, set it up in the yard, and the kids had fun running around in it and playing games. The big kids got to zip the little ones out and then I let the little ones do the same to the big kids... but they would rather have them in there so it wasn't long before those pesky big kids were sneaking in (much to the giggles and delight of the Little's!!)

We got out the cornstarch, water and chalk for the kids to experiment with. I laid everything out on an outdoor table and the kids had fun experimenting. One of my son's loved it and really got the Little's into it. The grating of the chalk was the hardest part for the Little's, so the big kids helped them, which got them into the project as well. I love to see them interact with each other.

We ended with another wet day today... the kids love getting wet and had a ball splashing, shooting, and soaking each other. It tired them out and now it is time for a movies for the Big's and nap for the Little's :) I get to post finally and finish cleaning up for the weekend. I love my job, but I am looking forward to the weekend :)

My Mom comes in tomorrow and the kids can't wait to have a visit with their Nanny!! I can't wait to just spend some time with my Mom!! So, it may be a quiet week next week.... I will try to post about what we are up to :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Potty Time

Little Miss M is using the Potty!!! Wow... what a milestone!! Her Mom is a teacher and Little Miss M has been home with her since school ended... about 2 weeks, and her Mom & Dad have been doing really great with her!! (You Go Mom and Dad!!!)
She is spending the week with me this week and today she showed me what a big girl she has become in the short time since she's been here last. I am so Proud of her!!! She told me when she had to go potty and ran with me to the bathroom, yelling... "Potty Shell, Potty!!" Oh, it was tooooo cute!!!
When you have children in your care beginning when they are babies, it is amazing to see the growth in the few short years you have them. Really, just a blip in their lifetime. But, during that time you see them go from such dependence to independence!! I am struck a new by it every time it happens. I am ready for it, but I still get blindsided when it happens.
Little Miss M, I am very, very Proud of You!!! What a Big Girl you are becoming!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Cutest Haircut



I just love the summer!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

I have had my 4 day weekend, I got one of my little ones back. He had a haircut to smile over. It was gone... all of it. The peach fuzz left on his head was so cute I had to rub it like a Buddha Belly :) I couldn't stop myself from touching his head every time I passed him. I had to keep putting sunscreen on it so he wouldn't get a sunburn :) Oh, it was tooo cute.

We didn't get out the paint, we didn't get out the crayons... we didn't even get into the mud, what a surprise. What we did do was get back into the swing of things .Our day was spent staying wet, to stay cool and hanging out. Figuring out how our days will be with 3 School Age Kids around. What rules can be bent, or disregarded?? What rules should be invented for just the right moment. How will the 12 yr olds interact with the 4 yr olds?? I am lucky to have such great kids... both my own and the daycare kids.

They get along great, the big kids include the Little's in almost everything they do. My biggest "problem" is that they are all boys :) Yup, you heard right, all boys. So, if you can imagine the running, wrestling, chasing, jumping, climbing, pretend shooting, and the noise... oh, the noise sometimes :) That is what my summer will be. A glorious, wonderful, superb Boy Pandemonium!!! Oh, we will have Little Miss M for a week this summer, and what a week it will be... quiet, tea parties, babies, strollers... I will have to take photos of the big kids playing with her. It is a sight that actually brings me to tears (of Mama Pride). They are so good with the babies.

So, I will keep you posted on how our Boy Summer goes... I think it will be extra special this year.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Graduation is a time of looking back, moving forward and celebrating your accomplishments. So, when I thought about this Graduation, I decided to go for the Cap, Gown & Tassel. I know many people don't agree, I know some think it could take away from the whole High School Graduation, but I, myself, feel that of all the Graduations these kids will celebrate... this one is the most special. I mean, when will they ever again learn soooooo much in such a short time. They go from such helpless babies, to children ready to take on the academic world all on their own. Leaving the comfort of babyhood. How absolutely immense that it.

It was a wonderful night. The kids really enjoyed themselves, even the kids not "graduating" loved the songs and poems that the "graduates" recited, and recited right along with them. Everyone received a Certificate and a special class picture, and camera's were rolling non-stop. It was a very emotional night, as I said goodbye to one of the boys that won't be coming back, doesn't live near by and I won't be seeing on a daily basis... it has been 3 yrs we have been together, over 1/2 his life. I will miss him.
I have a 4 day weekend, and next week starts some fun summer activities for my own children as well as the daycare. I am looking forward to some ooey gooey days, day trips, and getting dirty and muddy. I am sure we will get the body paint out, paint with our toes, and I really want to try that splat painting, with the pantyhose... it will be a lot of fun. Keep checking on us!! Hopefully I will get my computer back, and won't have to keep using my hubbies!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Update

Well, with much fanfare, our Graduation Program went off without a hitch!! Not one preschooler left to go to a parent, and the songs were bellowed out with such grandeur that I couldn't help but tear up and want to hug and kiss each of those little guys and gals!! Wow, is all I can say.

I was able to read my speech (without to many tears or hiccups) and I hope that all my families now know how much their child means to me!! I can't help but get attached to a child, their family and siblings. They become part of me, spending so many hours together every week. I love that I get the privilege of having them for years sometimes. I miss those that have had to leave and I treasure the time we had together.

So, I hope to get some photos up tomorrow. We could not save my last computer (or my photos) so it is being rebuilt as we speak. I will now begin to makeup for all those lost photos by taking pictures every chance I get :) (and backing them up!!)

Our summer schedule starts next week. I have planned some fun stuff for the kids. I can't wait to get going on it. All in good time :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lasts & Firsts

This is a week of LASTS. Each day this week will be the last one I spend with one of my preschoolers that I have been watching since he was 2. Unlike the rest of the kids, he will go on to Kindergarten and not be here in August. He will go to another house for 1/2 days, days off, and the unexpected sickness. I know the boys will see each other over the summer, but between trips to the mountains for us and the beach for them... it won't be much. My son and he will go through school together, but I will become the bystander, not the caregiver. I will watch from afar, as his memories of me fade, and that awkwardness descends when I try to steal a hug, kiss or just a quick hello. He won't be coming by my classroom, or picking up a sibling each day, to keep me fresh in his mind. But, I will cheer from the sidelines, enjoy his successes, watch him grow. I will forever have him in my heart, and even from afar, I will continue to love him as I have grown to all these years. I watched the DVD I made for tomorrows program, one of the kids from 3 years ago through today, I cried. This is the saddest part of the Child Care business.

A week of lasts is sad in itself... but a promise of FIRSTS brings new life into our program. Our Princess is a proud big sister to our newest baby... Little Man. Weighing in at a nice, substantial, 10 lbs 5 oz... he will be a welcome first when he comes in August. I will be privileged to get to see and be a part of the many FIRSTS he has. The Lord has given me a Wonderful distraction while my own baby goes off to kindergarten with his best friends.

I will also have a spunky, little Sprout starting in August. I can't wait for her to join our group. She seems so eager to learn, play and I believe she will thrive here. As the Oak Ridge Boys said, "Thank God for Kids!!!" I am Blessed to have the best job in the world!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Down to the Wire

Ahhh... our morning was wonderful. We had a lot of fun making some decorations for our graduation program. The Coloration's Water Colors came out and the painting commenced... it was beautiful. The kids love those vibrant colors, almost as much as I do :)

Practicing our songs are getting a little more serious, we have placed our chairs in their "spots," and practiced walking, sitting, standing, etc... They are doing sooooo well. Having a special program or graduation in a home child care setting can be some what tricky. You have to really take into consideration how many children you have, their ages and what you want them to do. I am lucky that I have some older preschoolers who not only LOVE to perform, but can memorize, sing, and "carry" the program if need be. We always have one child run off to the audience, and I have to come to expect it, but having the others stay in their chairs and complete the performance... it is a really great feeling.

I want my families to know how much I appreciate them letting me not only love and care for their children, but teach them. That they trust my abilities, is a wonderful feeling. I can't say enough about how wonderful all my families are. Although, next year I lose 3 of my oldest preschoolers to kindergarten... so I have to really get creative next year, as I will have 3 under 3 and only 2 5yr old's. Hum... I am hoping to find other providers in the area that might want to meet and work together a few days a week, and then have them be in the program too... we will see :)

We also finished with our letters this week. Letter Z was a success... we of course loved talking about the zoo, zebra's, and zippers. We even worked on zipping up a coat... I think my "graduates" will do well on their own. Me, on the other hand, will miss them terribly!!!

Tomorrow we will hopefully finish our decorations and move on to our "menu" for the party following the program. I am sure cookies will top our list, but I am thinking fruit kabobs will be a nice addition this year :) The kids like making them and I like eating them. My nerves are beginning to rev up, so I must go make a list now of all I must complete by next Tuesday. With my computer broke, my photos for our DVD may or may not ever be found, so I must think of something else to make. HUM... I don't know. I need to get my creative juices flowing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation, Decorations & Water

We had a nice long weekend off and now are getting back to practicing for our program and playing with our friends. I am unable to upload any photos again since my computer is down. I know I should have saved my photos on my flash drive, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. I thought that since it was just fixed I was ok.... NO!! So, I won't be posting photos until we can get that under control. I am on my husbands computer now, and it is frustrating not to be able to just bring up the files and photos I want or need. It's my own fault though.

We are in much discussion about decorations for our program next week. We love the concept that Kristin used over at Preschool Daze. I love the simple, flowing fabrics. We are trying to come up with a variation, since I don't have fabric at my disposal. Yes, can you believe I do not have a fabric store near by. None!! We have craft stores, but no fabric stores. I think there is a quilt shop that I heard may or may not carry fabric, I think I may have to check it out this weekend. But, donated fabric would be nice :) We are having a "Graduation" for 3 of our preschoolers, so we don't know if we want a more traditional theme, or go for a more simple, fun theme. Hopefully we will come to an agreement tomorrow and can get to work :)

It is getting hot here and we (ok, really the kids, not me) love being outside, even in the hot, muggy weather. The sprinkler is a must have. Even though it creates a river of mud. The kids love running through it and, in the end, the mud is as much of a draw as the water itself. Donna and Sherry left a comment about the drought they are experiencing in Australia, we thankfully only had to deal with drought conditions in NC for 2 summers. It was sooooo hard for me. We use water outside ALL the time. I remember not even being able to fill up the little kiddy pool. So, I know how lucky we are to let the kids run and play in the running water. It is definitely a memory I hope they remember for a lifetime :)